My Conscience


Closed mind
Prejudiced heart
Eyes of apathy
Rules of creed
Sounds of reluctance
Nothing could fence me…

Mortal passions
Morbid arguments
Endorsed ideas
Self pretensions
Accepted rituals
Nothing could harness me…

I am free.
As free as birds of wings,
As free as air that swings.
As free as the music that afloats,
As free as the waves on the blue,
And the rising embers across the shores.

The conflict between –
The agreeable and disagreeable
unties the conscious within.
The Phoenix rises from the frame,
I am your Conscience to reclaim.

31 thoughts on “My Conscience

  1. My god why am i seeing only few poems?i never can write something like this.True poem.Outside things can bother you little if we follow our conscience.


  2. I wish to by heart these lines and feel this every moment. against all the prejudices and concepts of what is wrong and right, I wish to set myself free and follow my conscience. πŸ™‚ Loved your poem. πŸ™‚


  3. Conscience is chetna and in Bhagbadgeeta it is the ultimate stage of freedom from worldly gains( Moha). You have felt the conscience in the smae weay but made the meaning more clear. An excellent thoughtful poem.


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