The Prayers


This endearing piece of poem is a story of a woman who loses her mother in early childhood but then gets her back on last days of her life. Prayers do get answered but God has his own way. To quote:

“God answers prayers, but he doesn’t always answer it your way.”
– Lou Holtz

We need more than eyes to see that. Perhaps, we need some insight to comprehend that. To dig deeper, indulge in the lines written below,

   The Prayers


The little girl prayed
Can you give me my mother back?
The love that I lost
The warmth that it cost
Can u return to me my Mother back?
For what sin did I do!
For which I have to pay!
Being absolute you are
Deluge of kindness,
Can u replay for me
those stolen lullaby tracks?

With a longing heart
And poignant urge
Days passed
so the years too.
The flowers blossomed
And she did too.

When the time was ripe
And birds do chirped.
Sweet raptures of
untouched melody lurked.
The quest seemed over
With the suitor’s debut.
The union was favourable
Wedded bliss for two.
A Miss(girl) was born
To the Man and wife.
Life couldn’t be better
For all the strife.
For all these while
She picked
the flowers and thorns
and all the prudence
That life did adorn.

With a longing heart
And poignant urge
Days passed
And the years too.
The flowers withered
So she did too.

The daughter she bore
Was fond of her;
Cared, nurtured and
nursed as much she could.
As She groaned with pain
Sick in bed
Years cast a price on age.
The girl whispered sweet
Words of assurance
To the woman of grace
But pain abundance.
For I am there.
Don’t you worry,
In sickness and storm
your distress and glory.

You raised me up
It’s my turn now.
I am your mother
You’r sweet child of mine.
The role is reversed
It’s time you slow down,
Now remain assured
And loose that frown.
So she said
And kissed goodnight,
With an anxious heart
And prayers
for health and might.

As she lay there still
She had realisation.
The mother I longed
For so long
finally got her returned.
In my girl I see
The lost caregiver I yearned.
For what good i did!
I feel so blessed.
She felt overwhelmed,
But tears of contentment.
God smiled at her
And she smiled back
– The gladness in expression
For the kindness indepth.
Prayers do get answered
With zeal and earnestness.
Never loose your hope
Lesson learned in keenness.

The dreary night passed,
And the morning ushered fearless
The girl reached to wish Mother,
Eager and restless.
With her hands folded tight
She laid there motionless.
The face spoke calmness;
No suffering, no delight.
Tears of gratefulness
On her salt stained cheek
And the smile stayed intact
on her pale, lifeless lips.


46 thoughts on “The Prayers

  1. Beautiful poem… 🙂 My elder sister actually did this for my mom when she was really ill… I can so relate to this. “Betiyon mai mamta ki jhalak mil jati hai..” that’s what my mom keeps saying to everyone.


  2. I work with seniors and this poem would resonate with them…many of them have adult children caregivers and the role reversal is real. Also, for many of the older generation, loss of a parent in childhood was common because of the war and other factors. This was a beautiful expression of loss and gain.


  3. Beautiful, it touched me deep inside as I lost my Dad in my early childhood & I also wrote a dedication poem for him 2 years back “MY Hero”. the words so perfectly resonates here, sending u hugs for this beautiful poetic marvel. good wishes 🙂 🙂


  4. So beautiful, so tender. Loved the beautiful sentiments expressed here so nicely. Thank you. As a daughter this resonates with me so much. Daughters indeed become mothers at some point in life.


  5. Such a beautiful poem and I can totally relate to it. Though I care for my mother when she falls sick, am not match for what my sister does for her ..


  6. a powerful and emotional one… this way this poem has been penned by you is totally a masterpiece…
    a poem having a story in it with emotional and devotional attachment. Emotional in the sense that the girl lost her mother in her childhood and was lways feeling empty. And devotional in the sense that she always prayed to god for her mother and finally she got it back…

    the last quotes is fantastic…
    This poem is an “epitome”, i must say… 🙂


  7. my god i bet the comments not gonna stop.Every parent wish if they have a kid like that right?
    beautiful beautiful poem 🙂 i am not saying this for just praising you i believe unless we fill the recipee emotions into what we write it cannot become great 🙂


  8. There are few pieces of writing that touches your soul. This is one of them.
    It beautifully expresses so many emotions. Touched me Totally!
    Through your blog & your recommendations I got an opportunity to connect with so many other wonderful bloggers.
    Thanks a lot for Visiting my blog & following it too.


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