That Night was Special


That night was special
When you spilled
All your dreams.
Those silent whispers
That filled my heart
With renewed gleam.
The night was special,
When you uncovered
All your hopes –
The hopes that you gathered
While life’s twists and turns.
The fire in the belly
Which lights your passion to burn.

And the night was special
When you cried on my lap.
The fears that you revealed,
The angst that you unveiled.
Your deepest apprehensions,
Nature’s cruelest intentions.
All lay naked,
Translucent and exposed.
There lay no secret;
Illusive or apparent
Between us.
There lay no layers;
Manifested or inherent
Tearing us.

There rests only
A kiss, tender
Born out of truth
With no lies or deception.
There abides only
One warm sweet embrace
For lifelong devotion.
Even after today
If I perish as mortal,
I will have no resent
No qualms, no fancies,
Only true content.
Cause your heart touched the whole
Seeking for redemption
Made love to my soul.

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68 thoughts on “That Night was Special

  1. Love, passion and confession all personified beautifully by the two souls one who said it and the other you listened. Beautiful Chaitali.


  2. Hello!! I’m a new reader of your blog. I found you through a visit you paid to mine and also as we were both nominated for a Leibster by Abbie. I love his poem & have been looking for poetic blogs to follow and be inspired by. Thank you… Beautiful words. I love the idea of spilling out, I’ve had many spillages over the years.. Some beautiful in their release and some clumsy in their pouring. But all welcome and true.

    Here’s to a new connection!!
    Always, Amanda xx


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