Let’s talk about Freedom!


What if we totally clip down any kind of freedom to our kids with the fear of harm it might cause, with our good intentions abound as a distressed parent! Surely, they will have fewer mistakes. But with lesser mistakes will be lesser learning. Can we then discount one of the primary role of a parent to nurture the kid to become a self sustainable human being? So are we up for this bargain! I guess no as that would be rather more harmful for my child in long run.

When it comes to parenting, there’s no magic pill or easy way out. I always feel that parenting is like a job of an unpaid juggler. With practice and years into it, we succeed but then we cannot totally be failure-proof as we are dealing with lives involved.
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51 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Freedom!

  1. Freedom is a basic human right. But as parents it is important to moderate the activities of their children. As for children- freedom should always come with some responsibility


  2. Very well written Chaitali. Agree with all you have written & being a mother of a 9 yr old son I can very well relate with many of your thoughts & can say that I think on the same line as you. You are so right in saying that discipline should focus more on guidance than dominance.
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful poem it sums it all beautifully.


  3. My struggles with parenthood is letting go. I find that a big challenge as my kids get older. I give them a little more freedom/responsibility as they grow, but I don’t find it easy to do.


  4. Totally agree. My wife is over protective. My daughter, all of sixteen, is revolting and wants to experience the world. She claims she has grown up. I agree with her. But I am also afraid. I realise though unless we let her be, she will remain immature.


  5. Its a nice topic Chaitali.. The freedom at one end and its control at the other. sometimes I do believe that most things in life should be earned, including the freedom.. I love the use of the quote at the start, beautiful one πŸ™‚


  6. Read and commented .. that is very insightful

    as i said on the post i think we need to respect the young ones .. as we expect our’s to be respected by our parents ..

    TALKING is the best way .. get to know our kids more


  7. Chatali for someone like me from village the knowledge to write or share on things like this is very less.Anyway i will tell a point i heard from a priest.Nowadays everyone including parents are finding shortcuts to avoid mistakes or failures for kids by giving them less freedom.i mean mistakes and failures are the best teachers right?


  8. Rightly said…The topic you have chosen is very much vast but I will keep it simple…freedom must be right guidance and with children it always should be careful and right guidance which is in fact a difficult job as a parent as we ourselves are in a learning phase…sometimes as a parent we too have restricted freedom.


  9. Sensitively written, Chaitali! This post addresses the dilemma that most parents face and it dwells upon the complexity of the path of parenthood. With access to so many articles that discuss the ‘dos and don’ts’ in terms of parenting, the conflicts only multiply. Also, every child is unique and there is no magic formula that can set common guidelines. The only answer then is one’s instinct. A parent’s instinct is perhaps the only guide to raising a child. That again, is not failure-proof πŸ™‚


  10. By now i am sure you understood from my comments something is wrong with me.i just said good bye before you say some harsh words to me.That is all.God Bless :).


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