Beauty Synonymous!

This poem I wrote while during the beginning of my blogging journey in which I have infused the names of some famous high-end woman’s luxury brands and finally a simple revelation which we forget in day to day jugglery of existence and insecurities of survival…

Courtesy: Shutterstock

I am a Diva.
Smoked my eyes with
Christian Dior 5 color palette.

A dash of Mac Ruby Woo
for my supple lips.
Hair sleek with chic spring hair-do;
Curly flirty amuse for my fingers.

Versace couture gown in sea green
To subdue my fiery spleen.
Time stands still
With Rolex on my wrist.

Cartier a carat or two
Upholds my alluring ensemble.
Modern Muse by EstΓ©e Lauder
Is the signature aroma I resemble.

With Gucci on my hand
And Jimmy Choo on my feet,
I feel invincible
And no one can defeat.

I feel flawless
I feel like a goddess.
But then I forget
much to my chagrin –
Three priceless words
Beauty lies within.


53 thoughts on “Beauty Synonymous!

  1. oh yes we have all forgotten the golden words .. beautiy lies within and I dont think the versace’s or the gucci’s do anything great . I dont own any of the so called brands , I did go to the showroom and did try them out but somehow i was not comfortable.. and I found EXACTLY, same 100% same clothe same stitching somewhere else πŸ™‚

    lovely poem πŸ™‚


  2. Physical beauty is fleeting but what’s inside is always there and a lot more enticing than a bit of ankle, in my mind. It’s also better for the bank balance to have inner beauty, why pay for a name when you can make somebody’s life more pleasant by being yourself and spreading the smiles.


  3. And then someday you want home made kajal because you realize that’s the best…🌷🌷🌷beauty takes you only so far and no further ❀ beautifully Said chaitali 🌺🌺


  4. I put this poem in a special category because it has so much social intelligence – you integrate the pop culture – and those brands – and then smoothly – but abruptly – give us the truth zinger at the end- beauty lies within. But the tone is not judging or angry – it is layered with an understanding of why those items are needed/wanted/used/enjoyed/lusted for, etc. – and then a simple reminder of where real beauty comes from.


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