Love’s labour’s lost…


Broken jar
Wasted dinner
In kitchen sink.
Shaken bed
Tumbled sheets
Pillows distressed.
Piles of magazines
Never been touched.
The only thing speaking
Is the TV
On the living room.
The only beats resounding
Is the flicker
On the mobile.
Mind just races
While the heart so bleeds.
Broken beyond repair
Love in despair.
Loneliness slumbers,
Unfulfilled yearnings
they are struck to.
Unforgiving hurts
they cling to.
When destiny mocks,
Trust is tossed.
Promises seems surreal,
And the heartbreak it cost.
Union of convenience breeds
As Love’s labour’s lost.


90 thoughts on “Love’s labour’s lost…

  1. The seemingly casual tone brings forth the pain of a broken heart so exquisitely that it brings tears to the reader’s eyes. I am awestruck by the sheer beauty of you using little details such as the TV in the living room and the flicker of the mobile to portray such heart wrenching sadness. Absolutely beautiful penning.


  2. Poignant portrayal of a relationship that’s reached it’s end โคbeautifully woven with intimate details of life โค


  3. Heartbreak does make everything seem unimportant and a waste, you capture the listlessness and sadness perfectly. Personally though I can never left any magazines unread…it is my OCD kicking in lol.


  4. Seems like the symbiotic relationship is left for only the lustful feeling and empty for love (Union of convenience breeds As Loveโ€™s labourโ€™s lost.)….Have known and seen people living such lives….strangely some seem to move on as is….while some separate.


  5. Those who find love, they suffer, those who don’t find love they too suffer; come what may, we all suffer – that is the cruelty of life; perhaps self-love is the only painless love!


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