My Divine


In the stones
On scriptures
In places
Through rituals
In object
And on subject
I seek
I hope
I dig
I pray
But in vain.
That light
That power
The divinity
That flower
Which blossoms
Inside my concrete,
That flame
Which burns
With each heartbeat,
That faith
with which
even death can’t compete,
That’s my GOD.
My life source
My energy resource
My only love
My sole companion
Who will never retreat(me)
In my prosperity or even defeat.


82 thoughts on “My Divine

  1. Hi again – I have a quick question for ya – I know I read it somewhere but I cannot seem to find it – but how did you add the Like option (with the blue star) for the comments?


  2. My my you are a prolific writer, so imaginative and straight from the heart! I didn’t know that blogging is rampant in India . Really proud of you. You have to take out time to go through my blog:
    Though it is a fashion and lifestyle blog, I would love to have your opinion on it. Thanks.


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