5 Truths That Show Why True Beauty Lies Within.

Based on San Francisco, California, SOULSpot is a conscious media network serving content to Youtube, Facebook, and Conscious Cloud. With ever expanding likers and 1, 21, 270 followers worldwide, the platform stands for the vision of love and expansion of humanity’s well being.
My gladness for being published on their esteemed channel of expression for blogs. While a lot has been said and written about beauty and it’s subjectivity, I intend to keep this article simple for the purpose of giving a positive reinforcement for what we possess and valuing life in itself. My beatitude in sharing the one: http://soulspottv.com/blog/5-truths-that-show-why-true-beauty-lies-within/

76 thoughts on “5 Truths That Show Why True Beauty Lies Within.

  1. My felicitations on your recognition Chaitali. I read you 5 points with awe at their perfection. We can only experience the Truths presented by you by turning inwards as beauty lies within.

    Kindest regards!

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  2. So right — standards of beauty really are culturally diverse and constantly changing unless it is inner beauty we are talking about.


  3. Good stuff. Congratulations on the article. I’ve written about beauty and culture in the past as well. The media pushes expectations, placing such outrageous ideals, especially on women.


  4. Wow you are an amazing writer. Your blog if full of quite beautiful things. Congratulations on your being published. It’s always a proud moment when I meet Indian bloggers like you.

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