My Hamlet


A quaint place –
In my heart
safely harboured.
Donning rustic beauty
Puerile, pleasant and warmer.
The road to my hamlet
meters to thousand,
But if I ever to reach
Close my eyes
And peep deep,
I reach my destination.
The place made me what I am
And it comes with me to where I be.

113 thoughts on “My Hamlet

  1. Mark of a great poem is in uncovering the spring of latent thoughts in the reader. You have described exactly the way I remember mine own. Deep within the orbs of my closed eyes is the only place it exists now. Puerile, pleasant and warmer.


  2. I’m too small a writer to comment on this piece. But, if I may, then I’ll say that it’s just beautiful. The vivid images, and the description of the hamlet was quite apt. Also, emotional story that unfolded during the last lines along with the mysterious sense in the words was written just like a true poet does. Well done.:)


  3. Hello Chaitali,

    I saw this old lamp in Maniparna’s blog and was really amazed then. Your words were amazing, very beautiful. The poem caught my attention this time, not the picture πŸ™‚


  4. The landscape and topography would have undergone changes, yet your hamlet stays unchanged, harboured in your heart’s core, to surface as memories foundational to your being, all of which so crisply delineated in a few words and images. Season’s greetings, chaitali…


  5. Beautiful Chaitali. Terse yet packs everything in these words. Amazed by what you have done with such few words! Poetically beautiful πŸ™‚


  6. I have always admired the beauty of poetry and never had the courage to try my hands, knowing well I will only burn it. The heart of poetry is in its simplicity and weaving of vivid imagery in limited vocabulary…we don’t the luxury to explore the dictionary and have the space to deploy the words in abundance, cutting the words to catch the perfect scene without the overuse and under use of words, making the composition both beautiful and bountiful for a reader to dive deep inside the divinity of thoughts.

    Yes, the HAMLET we all have our childhood reminiscence deeply entrenched with those fading places and those fond memories, we love to take it wherever we go and we love to reflect and relate every place we visit which even remotely has some relevance and some elements of our place residing in our memory.

    Lovely indeed are the beauty in the poetry…


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