I say Hello !

I say Hello !

This will be my first blog. I don’t know, what to write or how to start. There are so many things I want to express and so less I can. I mean practically.
My mind is racing with thoughts, life experiences, feelings subtle, mundane prophecies and what not. Do I start with a quote? Or just a topic, any of my favourites, but then when you want to blog on love, life and whatever…then what you choose to start with. Now comes the writers block…so am I calling myself a writer? What gives me an eligibility of being called a writer. Is it My bachelors in English literature(those three precious college years which I spent learning something which was captivating and engaging to me, not something which will make me financially viable though) or my penchant for writing or things literary.
These days anyone is a writer. Let it be hardcore commercial novelist to a page 3 blogger or an eager FB afficionado posting his thoughts in his walls( me being one in the list some of the times). I have nothing against any of these, it’s just that there were days when people struggled to be a writer. Now we have plenty in terms of channels to express. Plenty has lead to complexity… We read about anything to many things. Some topics as weird as it could get!
Anyhow I would like to look at the brighter side and that is all these makes my knowledge bank richer and richer everyday and that today I have any kind of information one finger tip away.
My only request to my readers is all I want is, to stay as sincere and as true as possible, to you while baring my thoughts and feelings and in this journey of writing – love me, hate me but help me with your sincere feedbacks and to my fellow bloggers to welcome me with a warm heart. Until then keep reading and yes blogging too. Love and care. How could I not end this with a quote. One of my favourites on writers:

“No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself.”
Virginia Woolf/ A Room of Ones’s Own.