What we want our kids to be?



All these years we have espied and realised the significance of IQ and EQ in our kid’s developmental stage, but now is the time that we give heed to yet another relevant but underrated facet of behavioural science and i would like to term it as MQ. Quite pertinently, MQ which stands for Moral Quotient is not only the corrective measure towards evolving our child to a better human being but also will lead us to a safer and secure world to live.

On this premise, Let’s ask a basic question to ourselves today:

What we want our kids to be?

Do we want our kids to be so-called successful but with tainted morals?

To engage into this matter effectively, you can visit my article titled What we want our kids to be? in Parentous.com at http://www.parentous.com/2014/06/28/want-kids-important-values-teach-child-parents/

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33 thoughts on “What we want our kids to be?

  1. You present an interesting question – how will we define success for our children? So much goes into it. If my kids are able to find happiness, improve even slightly the world around them, and navigate the setbacks life deals us with their spirits intact, I will consider that success. And I will love and them no matter what.

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  2. I couldn’t get your link to work but I’m a great believer in teaching anyone morals. I see too many young people being “taught” their moral codes by TV and movies and what a failure that is. So many of the world’s problems (although my only reference is the U.S.) appear, to me, to come from a severe lack of morality and moral conscience.


      • It’s an excellent article! It seems that so many have gotten away from the responsibility of parenting. Children need love and discipline. They need to have direction and boundaries. I believe children are born with an innate knowledge of right and wrong but this needs to be nurtured and reinforced as they grow. It seems that society in general has gotten away from this leading to more crimes, violence, immorality and malaise towards the well-being of others.

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  3. A very insightful article, Chaitali. I’m hearing the term ‘MQ’ for the first time but well aware of the importance of the same. The stats you provided are shocking to say the least and I completely agree with your view. The importance of inculcating the right moral values in every child can not be stressed enough.

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  4. It is an important question. What we want our kids to be? Certainly not success at any cost? I guess when kids see their role models behaving in certain way, they try to emulate. So it is important what we give our kids at home. We may not be able to control the company they keep outside, at least we should try to give good moral sense at home. In the end, society and circumstances may take over, but a good foundation may resist may storm.


  5. Too often people make the mistake of deciding what their children would be when they grow up. This group of parents, who perhaps comprise 99% of the parent population, believe that they have all the knowledge to decide what their children can and should do. This belief doesn’t take into consideration the individuality of the kids, their dreams and aspirations. Why push them into chasing our dreams, just because we have some unfulfilled dreams which we want our children to achieve for ourselves?


  6. good article.i enjoyed yours and also that day what anoop wrote.may this article serve as an eye opener 🙂


    • Thanks vinay….I read most of your articles….but little difficult to comment through wordpress…especially enjoyed the 10 min video of Ariana Huffington….insightful…thank you for sharing…and your blog is doing great job by propagating positivity…..nothing is better than that….thank you and let’s be in touch…


  7. chechi i still love panchatantra stories 🙂 .your kid is so lucky to study in such a school.Those things you said there are really really important and i believe imparting such good gestures in small age turns them into good citizens 🙂

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  8. You raised a very valid question. The shallowness we see in society is partly because we are only emphasizing the shallow aspects of life. Success is hardly defined as how happy and healthy you are. We are teaching our kids a very myopic view of life and failing to impart the the importance of working on all three aspects of body, mind and soul. Great post 🙂


  9. A beautiful and thought provoking post. Yes moral character is very important for our children the citizens of tomorrow. Building morals and values in the character of children must begin from the home and schools. Unless parents and teachers set a personal example children may not imbibe the values very well.

    I feel in addition to morals EI or EQ too is assuming great significance as stress levels in kids are rising to alarming levels.

    Many thanks Chaitali for reminding us on this relevant issue.


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