On Whys and Hows – A Reminder to a Doting Mind

Mr.Curious is surely impressed with Mr.Kipling and following his footsteps diligently as he has covered many a Whys and Hows, Who’s and What’s in this meagre six years of his mortal existence.


My day begins with a question and ends with a one. On an average day, I have to endure an onslaught of around thirty formidable questions and the day when I am more fortuitous, it might go upto fifty. These questions can neither be avoided nor can I beat around the bush to avoid or delay them. Instead, it demands attention and seeks immediate intervention.

To dig and dwell deeper into the issue with much fervour, you can visit my article titled On Whys and Hows – A Reminder to a Doting Mind in Parentous.com at  http://www.parentous.com/2014/07/30/whys-hows-reminder-doting-mind/

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11 thoughts on “On Whys and Hows – A Reminder to a Doting Mind

  1. Am curious….is there a question or questions that leave you stumped? Both because you are in awe how someone so young has divined the logic and also sometimes because you don’t have a ready answer?? 😀


    • Totally many….sometimes these little geniuses make you wonder and question certain subtle inherent propositions that are deeply ingrained with life and it’s complexities..But motherhood is such a learning experience and teaches you certain greatest life lessons which you would not have even fathomed in your nearest possible dreams.


  2. “Curiosity is a willing, a proud, and eager confession of ignorance.” ~ S.Leonard Rubinstein
    I do admit, when my son bothers me with his “tell me why” questions when I am extremely busy, I do get annoyed and shun him away and ask him to come back later..This happens…sometimes they do ask questions just for the sake of it and hardly bother about the response. They just ask cos they need attention. I have a 7 yr old too and everyday (now that it’s summer vacation here) i get an overdose (which you say is fortuitous 🙂 )…..BTW, I am not complaining at all, it may sound like that…Most of the times I enjoy and occasionally annoying….. Beautifully written with profound quotes.
    Also…I saw this line at the end of the post ” I suppose that would be the biggest mistake we can afford to commit.”…is that right? (can or can’t)?
    I have posted (one such) incident in my blog – leaving the trail here incase you are interested:


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